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Shop With Confidence



Chrisco is a respected and trusted company with a proud 40-year history. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of customer service.

You can be assured of our integrity and we’ll stand by our promises to make sure you’re happy with your order. You can rest assured that our procedures are tried, tested and proven. That’s because we’ve developed them with advice and continual feedback from our customers over many years.

Chrisco is reliable. We’ve been operating here in Australia since 1997. The fact that we’ve been around for so long demonstrates our commitment to service and delivery.

We guarantee our products are good quality. We only use brands you know and trust, and will only deal with suppliers who have an established track record for goods of the very highest quality.


Our Customer Service Centre is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm AEST weekdays (excluding NSW public holidays) on 1800 830 830. If you have any comments or queries, our friendly Customer Service team will be more than happy to help.

We want our customers to be highly satisfied with our products and services.  In the event you feel we may have let you down we encourage you to call our Complaints Hotline so we can address the problem as soon as possible.  The Number is 1800 830 830 or email us at customer.service@Chrisco.com.au


Your Membership Number is important. It is the way that we identify you and keep your account up to date. Please write your Membership Number on all letters, include it in subject line of emails to us and quote your Membership Number when calling the Customer Service team.


While we make every effort to supply you with your chosen products, sometimes stock and suppliers may change. Chrisco reserves the right to make substitutions of any product(s), either for similar products of comparable or greater value. If we have to make a significant change to your selected products we commit to contacting you to inform you of the change and why it is required.

You can change your order at any time until the Last Order Date shown in the below table in Your Order. You can cancel your order as permitted by our Cancellation Policy below.


All items are delivered from November to mid December unless stipulated otherwise. You can change your order at any time until the Last Order Date shown below:

2019 Catalogue Last Order Date Last Change Date Final Payment Date
Hamper Friday 25th October 2019 Friday 25th October 2019 Friday 25th October 2019
Home and Living Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 25th October 2019
Toy & Gift Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 25th October 2019
Top Up - Hamper Friday 25th October 2019 Friday 25th October 2019 Friday 25th October 2019
Top Up - Merchandise Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 23rd August 2019 Friday 25th October 2019

All weekly payments are rounded up to the nearest 5 cents, excluding gift cards and vouchers. However, you will only ever pay the total amount shown. All prices are inclusive of GST, tax and/or duty where applicable.

Should there be any alteration in rates of GST, tax or duty, or any unforeseen product or fuel price increases,

Chrisco reserves the right to substitute or adjust hamper contents accordingly to cover the costs of the increase.  We will cap any decrease in your hamper contents to 20 per cent of the total hamper value. You will be informed of any changes prior to final payment date.  If we have to use our right to reduce your order you have a right to cancel and get a full refund of the payments you have already made at no cost to you.


If you do not intend to use the HeadStart plan for 2020 (see Headstart Plan terms below) be sure that when your order for 2019 is fully paid you cancel any automatic payments to us that you have set up, and you also check the red box at the bottom of your order form or tell us that you do not wish to participate in the HeadStart Plan.

If you continue to make automatic payments after your 2019 order is fully paid, and you have not checked the red box at the bottom of your order form or told us you do not wish to participate in the HeadStart Plan, you will be automatically enrolled in our HeadStart plan for 2020 (see Headstart Plan terms below including terms for refunding your money or payment towards your 2020 order).  

We will try to contact you to get your instructions on any continuing payments, but we need to get hold of you to do this: see the “CONTACTING YOU” section below.  


If we cannot get hold of you to get your instructions to apply or refund a credit balance that is greater than six months old and less than $25 in value (an Inactive Account) we may charge you an administration fee of up to $25 which will be deducted from the balance of the account.  As long as your last transaction with us was in the last two years, if we later manage to find you, or you contact us, then we will restore your credit balance (including the administration fee). 


We may have to contact you during the year regarding your order.  To ensure that we always have your most recent and accurate contact details, please contact us to update your contact details promptly if those details change. We will take reasonable efforts to contact you. However, if you have not updated your contact details and we cannot get hold of you we reserve the right to recoup the reasonable costs we incur in trying to find you.  You agree that if we have to do this, then we may deduct those costs from your credit balance. The minimum service charge for this is $5 per attempt.  


A fee of $9.95 is applicable per order (excluding gift cards & vouchers, food hampers and travel).

Heavy Items - A $50 delivery charge will be payable per heavy item to a maximum of $150 per delivery address. We will inform you of all delivery charges when we confirm your order and payment details.

A fee of $12.00 is applicable for each personalised product ordered.

All deliveries are made from November to mid December, unless stipulated otherwise. We’ll send you a delivery advice closer to the time to advise your delivery details. If you order multiple items, you may receive your items over multiple days. Due to the nature of frozen goods, customers must be home to accept delivery of frozen goods on the day advised, or make arrangements with friends or neighbours to accept it for you. We recommend you put frozen products into your freezer as soon as you receive them. Please note if your Hampers do not contain frozen goods they may be left on your Premises if our Courier considers it safe to leave. 

In accordance with liquor licensing legislation, customers who purchase hampers containing alcohol must be over the age of 18 years at the time of order. Proof of identity and age will be required.

While every effort is made to deliver on the intended delivery date, Chrisco is not liable for any loss resulting from delay due to the customer’s failure to fulfil the customer’s obligations as outlined or for any other reason beyond the control of Chrisco (and/or its staff).  Chrisco is not liable for any loss resulting from a contracted party’s failure to deliver as advised.

Deliveries to islands or some remote communities may incur an onforwarding freight charge depending on the postcode. Details can be obtained when placing your order, or see also the Delivery - Onforwarding Freight Charge section of the Terms & Conditions of Purchase online at www.Chrisco.com.au.

Should your delivery address change, please inform Chrisco immediately. If a delivery address is changed after the 25th October 2019, Chrisco reserves the right to charge an administration fee.



If you have set your order as a pick up at a depot, or you live in an area that requires a pick up only, then your delivery date is the date you should make arrangements to pick up your order from the depot. Your Delivery Advice will include details of your pick up date and location.  If you fail to pick up your order on the date specified, a Chrisco representative will attempt to contact you (up to 3 times either via Phone, Email, SMS or Mail).  If we have been unable to contact you within 3 business days, any perishable food will be donated to a local charity in your name, and Chrisco is not required to refund you the cost of such items. [Any non-perishable Hamper will remain at the depot for up to 20 Business Days. If we are still unable to contact you after 20 Business Days Chrisco may cancel your order and will credit your account with the amount paid which can be put towards a future order, less a cancellation fee of (up to a maximum cancellation fee of $500)].


If you live in or move to a remote rural area, we may ask you to collect your order from a local pick-up point and some very remote areas may not be within our courier delivery range. Please check this when you order. See also the Delivery - Rural section of the Terms & Conditions of Purchase.


Gift cards and vouchers are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used to pay off store accounts or finance agreements. No change will be given. Once issued, if lost, stolen or destroyed they cannot be replaced or refunded. For full terms and conditions visit the respective retailer’s website.

Gift cards and vouchers must be signed for on delivery. They will arrive by the first week of December 2019

in plenty of time for your Christmas shopping.

Any issues regarding the operation of third party Gift Cards should be referred to the relevant retailer using the contact details provided.  Chrisco does not exchange Gift Cards, and does not provide any warranty in relation to gift card issued by third parties.

For Full Gift Card and Voucher conditions see Supplier terms & Conditions on their website  


Due to the perishable nature of our goods, we are unable to accept any Chrisco hamper returns except as required under the Australian Consumer Law (http://consumerlaw.gov.au/the-australian-consumer-law/legislation/). We will gladly replace items or reimburse you should a product be damaged in transit and in accordance with our legal responsibilities as a merchant. We are unable to accept returns for other reasons such as if you have changed your mind or have made an incorrect choice about the product and no longer wish to keep it.CATALOGUE

All efforts have been made to check for errors and omissions in typography and photography. However, inadvertant errors may occur for which Chrisco will not be . Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Christmas Hamper 2019 and Home and Living 2019 catalogue publication: October 2018 and Toy & Gift Catalogue publication December 2018. Top Up Catalogue publication February 2019 . Copyright©  Chrisco Hampers Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this catalogue may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission from Chrisco in writing. There will be no contract between Chrisco and a customer until Chrisco issues a notice confirming the customer’s order. Each contract is governed by the law of the state or territory in which the customer resides except for residents of the ACT whose contracts will be governed by the law of NSW.


What is a HeadStart Plan? A HeadStart Plan allows you to make payments towards next year’s order, while giving you time to decide exactly which products you want. Once your 2019 order is fully paid, a HeadStart Plan for 2020 will automatically be created for you and your direct debit payments will continue (for the same amount as your second last payment for your 2019 order).

What if I don’t want a HeadStart Plan? If you do not want to have a HeadStart plan, you can tick the red box at the bottom of the order form or simply call us on 1800 830 830 and we can do it for you.

What will my payments be under a HeadStart Plan? We will write to you to confirm the amount and other details of your HeadStart Plan payments prior to commencing your direct debits under the HeadStart Plan.

Are my payments refundable? Payments under your HeadStart Plan are fully refundable unless and until you convert them into an order for 2019. Once payments under your HeadStart Plan are converted into an order Chrisco’s Cancellation Policy will apply to your 2019 order (see below for details, or the Terms and Conditions of Purchase on Chrisco’s website: www.Chrisco.com.au/ConditionsInfo). You can convert your HeadStart Plan into an order by filling out the order from in next year’s catalogue, by giving us a call on 1800 830 830, or going online at Chrisco.com.au.

What if I don’t convert my HeadStart Plan into an order? If you have not converted your HeadStart Plan into an order by 16th February, Chrisco will automatically place an order for you for goods of a similar value to your 2018 order (unless you tell us not to do this). Orders that are automatically placed by Chrisco are fully refundable unless and until you confirm your order. Once you confirm your order, Chrisco’s Cancellation Policy will apply (see below for details, or the Terms and Conditions of Purchase on Chrisco’s website: www.Chrisco.com.au/ConditionsInfo).

Free Gift:To give you an extra helping hand, Chrisco will give a free gift to any customer whose HeadStart Plan is converted into an order for 2019 and that order is fully paid. (Limit one free gift per customer).


You may cancel your order at any time prior to the delivery of goods. If you cancel your order within 21 days of the date of your original order confirmation (Cooling Off Period), there will be no cancellation fee. After the Cooling Off Period, Chrisco will charge you a cancellation fee as follows:

  • prior to 1 August: 20% of monies paid at the cancellation date (up to a maximum cancellation fee of $200)

  • after 1 August: 50% of monies paid at the cancellation date (up to a maximum cancellation fee of $500)

Personalised Items Cancellation Policy - Cancellation fees will be incurred on all personalised items if manufacturing has commenced.



For a detailed copy of the Chrisco Hampers Pty Ltd Privacy Policy please refer to our Privacy Policy


Can't wait to get the 64GB Apple iPod includes with accessories,,, The All Star Wars DVD movies DVD box set for myself and as well the fast and the furious truck with the model cars.. Gift for my boyfriend... Started the fortnightly payments back in beginning of January... Looking forward to see the new catalogue ... Counting and excited. T Suttcliffe.

This will have to be next year order lol I have no more room or space to add any for this year order not even sure if i have enough room for this year order but i do love chrisco especially my kids. T. Tumutoa

I like the meat hampers. Being a pensioner I find it helps having all that meat for about 4 months of year. J. Dowling.

I got my Chrico delivered last weekend....all 15 boxes! Love it, can't wait to place next years order. R. Cross.

This is my first Chrisco Christmas and I'm so glad I done it. Chrisco is totally worth it. Thank you Chrisco for making my Christmas this year a really good one :) M. Irbitis.

This is my about 8 years or more with Chrisco & never been happier. Always spot on. K. Lee

Thanks for making life so much easier Chrisco!! B. Magee

‪‪24 boxes delivered today. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Chrisco!! A. Cryer.

Thank you chrisco great start to our Christmas looking forward to next year already. H. Millborn.

Feeling a lot like xmas thank u chrisco very excited boys here with today's arrival. M. Ridgeway.

My family calls me the crisco grinch because I wont let them touch it until Christmas Eve. Have been getting crisco for about 15 years. M. Martin.

Christmas isn't Christmas without Chrisco. D. Hustwaite.

We love chrisco delivery day :) M. Voss.

I have been getting Chrisco since the first year it started in Adelaide never been let down once always on time with their deliveries simply amazing, the kids love it all the treats for over the school holidays sure makes things a lot easier. Thankyou Chrisco x M. Marsh.

Got mine today, thank you and thank you for the phone call to make sure I got it, all ready put part of my order in for next year. T Dunn.

Chrisco is my favorite day. It feels like how christmas did when i was a kid. I love love love opening each box and putting everything away. Thank you for making it easier for people to survive christmas! R. Piscopo

Thank you chrisco for making our delivery feel like Christmas unwrapping fun present for the whole family. And making Christmas feel so much more fun and relaxing. The kids love seeing all the food and eating it too. The fun part is trying to find space to fit it all. C. Deluca.

Thank you Chrisco. Makes this time of the year a lot easier. K. Strudwick

I had 30 boxes delivered i love chrisco it makes it easier for me and i don't have to shop lol thank u so much. K. Weston.

23 boxes delivered and packed away into 2 pantries.. thanks chrisco for taking the stress off us this christmas. M. Maddison.

More excited bout opening our chriscos tomorrow when they arrive than actual Christmas, lol P. Searle.

Received our Chrisco yesterday and once again perfect. I've been getting Chrisco every since they have been delivering here in Qld and I wouldn't change . You have one very happy customer here one again Chrisco. M. Phillips.

Just got my Chrisco today & very happy indeed. J. Dowling.

already ordered for next year, eagerly awaiting this years and loved last years Chrisco. M. Magennis.

I love you guys so much, every year I look forward to my hampers arriving, just want to say you guys are absolutely awesome and I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my hampers to me safe and sound. K. Martin.

Shop with Confidence

Affordable payment plans

With small regular instalments, our no deposit and no interest lay-by plan makes shopping for Christmas easy and affordable.

Multiple payment options

Direct Debit,BPay or Credit Card; the choice is yours. Plus you choose the payment plan that best suits you. Instalment plans include weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We deliver all your Christmas goods between mid-November to mid-December giving you plenty of time for wrapping!


Please contact us on one of the methods below:

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