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What our Customers Say

I love opening my boxes it gives me great joy and my kids love it too, worth the wait. Melissa

The look on my girls faces when they start unwrapping their first Chrisco Hamper.
Just as exciting as Xmas day. Natalie

Best day of the year receiving my order every year and opening each box love my Chrisco. Margaret

Looking forward to having a fully stocked freezer and pantry for the summer instead of having to go do groceries in the heat! Amy

Its like Christmas has come early for this mumma and the relief of knowing that I don’t have to brave the Christmas rush to try and get food. Krystal

How could you only pick one thing to look forward to when Chrisco delivery day is the greatest day of the year🎉 Gab

Just love getting our delivery every year and unpacking all the goodies. Ever year we order ourselves a hamper of treats mmmmmm. It's like Christmas comes early. Jenny

I’m looking forward to have hopefully a stress free Christmas with my nearest and dearest family members. As much as Covid 19 has put a damper on the world around us, I know that when my Chrisco delivery arrives, everything will be alright again. Christine

Can't wait to get the 64GB Apple iPod includes with accessories,,, The All Star Wars DVD movies DVD box set for myself and as well the fast and the furious truck with the model cars.. Gift for my boyfriend... Started the fortnightly payments back in beginning of January... Looking forward to see the new catalogue ... Counting and excited. T Suttcliffe

This will have to be next year order lol I have no more room or space to add any for this year order not even sure if i have enough room for this year order but i do love chrisco especially my kids. T. Tumutoa

I like the meat hampers. Being a pensioner I find it helps having all that meat for about 4 months of year. J. Dowling

I got my Chrico delivered last weekend....all 15 boxes! Love it, can't wait to place next years order. R. Cross

This is my first Chrisco Christmas and I'm so glad I done it. Chrisco is totally worth it. Thank you Chrisco for making my Christmas this year a really good one :) M. Irbitis

This is my about 8 years or more with Chrisco & never been happier. Always spot on. K. Lee

Thanks for making life so much easier Chrisco!! B. Magee

‪‪24 boxes delivered today. Absolutely amazing. Thank you Chrisco!! A. Cryer

Thank you chrisco great start to our Christmas looking forward to next year already. H. Millborn

Feeling a lot like xmas thank u chrisco very excited boys here with today's arrival. M. Ridgeway

My family calls me the crisco grinch because I wont let them touch it until Christmas Eve. Have been getting crisco for about 15 years. M. Martin

Christmas isn't Christmas without Chrisco. D. Hustwaite

We love chrisco delivery day :) M. Voss

I have been getting Chrisco since the first year it started in Adelaide never been let down once always on time with their deliveries simply amazing, the kids love it all the treats for over the school holidays sure makes things a lot easier. Thankyou Chrisco x M. Marsh

Got mine today, thank you and thank you for the phone call to make sure I got it, all ready put part of my order in for next year. T Dunn

Chrisco is my favorite day. It feels like how christmas did when i was a kid. I love love love opening each box and putting everything away. Thank you for making it easier for people to survive christmas! R. Piscopo

Thank you chrisco for making our delivery feel like Christmas unwrapping fun present for the whole family. And making Christmas feel so much more fun and relaxing. The kids love seeing all the food and eating it too. The fun part is trying to find space to fit it all. C. Deluca.

Thank you Chrisco. Makes this time of the year a lot easier. K. Strudwick

I had 30 boxes delivered i love chrisco it makes it easier for me and i don't have to shop lol thank u so much. K. Weston

23 boxes delivered and packed away into 2 pantries.. thanks chrisco for taking the stress off us this christmas. M. Maddison

More excited bout opening our chriscos tomorrow when they arrive than actual Christmas, lol P. Searle

Received our Chrisco yesterday and once again perfect. I've been getting Chrisco every since they have been delivering here in Qld and I wouldn't change . You have one very happy customer here one again Chrisco. M. Phillips

Just got my Chrisco today & very happy indeed. J. Dowling

already ordered for next year, eagerly awaiting this years and loved last years Chrisco. M. Magennis

I love you guys so much, every year I look forward to my hampers arriving, just want to say you guys are absolutely awesome and I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my hampers to me safe and sound. K. Martin