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January 6, 2020 / Blog

The Cost of Christmas

Each year Australians shell out billions of dollars in the lead up to Christmas with many leaving the search for the perfect gift until the very last minute.

What’s more, less than half the population celebrates the season of giving with a clear budget in mind, meaning the joy of Christmas quickly turns sour come the credit card statement of New Year.

Here’s an insight into the cost of Christmas and how you can plan ahead to eliminate stress…

Christmas cost

In 2018, CommBank found Australians collectively planned to spend $10.7 billion on Christmas gifts alone, with each adult averaging $573 and some sectors of the population going above and beyond.

They noted NSW and ACT residents were likely to fork out the most, with a Christmas gift list averaging $637. Meanwhile millennials were by far the most generous generation with 85 per cent planning to spend up to $1000 and 15 per cent expecting to exceed that figure.

A last-minute affair

While the season of giving was likely to set tills ringing for retailers, for the consumers seeking out the ideal gift, it was set to be a last-minute dash.

CommBank noted most people finished their shopping just the week prior to Christmas, with 2 million Australians leaving their shopping until Christmas Eve.

No budget in mind

Christmas might be a permanent fixture on the annual calendar, but the CommBank research also found less than half the population (46 per cent) had a budget in mind, and only one in three kept track of their Christmas spending.

Meanwhile, 20 per cent of all Australians start saving for Christmas just two to three months prior in a bid to have cash on hand.  

But wait, there’s more

CommBank’s annual survey only accounts for the purchase of gifts, with other Christmas research indicating Australia’s complete expenditure including food is almost five times as much.

In December last year both Roy Morgan research and the Australian Retailers Association tipped the nation would fork out $51.5 billion during the six-week Christmas trading period, with almost half that spent on food.

Roy Morgan noted:

  • $21 billion would be spent on food
  • $8.9 billion would be spent on household goods
  • $4 billion would be spent on apparel, footwear, clothing and accessors
  • $7.3 billion would be spent on dining out
Planning for the festive season

With Christmas set to hit the hip pocket, planning and budgeting in advance is key. By understanding the costs involved and accounting for them over the year, Christmas does not have to be a stressful season of giving accompanied by a mad retail rush.

How Chrisco can help

Each year we help Australians affordably manage the Christmas of their dreams. At Chrisco we offer the opportunity to select gift and food items in advance, and pay them off in manageable installments prior to season of giving.

What’s more, our Christmas hampers are delivered directly to your door, allowing you to avoid the Christmas chaos of shopping.

Our catalogues feature a vast selection of products including toys, gifts, household goods and food, including all your festive favourites, along with a host of bonus extras.

You can start the journey to a stress-free Christmas by viewing our catalogues here, or call us directly on 1800 830 830 to order your hamper.

December 3, 2019 / Blog

How does Chrisco work?

For over 40 years Chrisco has been delivering families the Christmas of their dreams by offering an affordable, convenient and manageable way of shopping for the festive season in advance.

Over the years we’ve become a household name, yet as more and more people embrace our services  one of the most common questions people have is how does Chrisco work?

So, let’s step back a little in time and walk through what we do, what we offer and how we can help make Christmas a stress-free affair.

Who we are

Chrisco is a family-owned business which was initially founded in the UK over 40 years ago with the aim of making Christmas simple and affordable.

We understood the strain the festive season placed on the family budget and the pressure involved in buying gifts at one of the busiest retail times of the year. Our aim was to alleviate this burden by offering a vast array of products which could be ordered up to 12 months in advance, using a catalogue in the comfort of your home.

After expanding to New Zealand in 1980, the concept arrived in Australia in 1997, before Canada also joined the ranks in 2003.   

We currently employ 160 full time staff across NZ, Australia and Canada and up to 300 temporary staff over the busy Christmas period.

Orders are dispatched prior to Christmas from warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland, Tauranga and Toronto to customers as far away as the Northern Territories, Chatham Islands and the Yukon. 

What we do

Each year we compile catalogues of the most popular foods, best gifts, and the most highly sought-after items that families consistently delight in over the Christmas period.

We then offer customers the opportunity to order those items and start paying for them in advance of the festive season.

Our catalogues are carefully curated, featuring thousands of quality, trusted brands and over 100 different Christmas Hamper options. These can be ordered online or via phone through our customer services centre.

Payment instalments are designed to be affordable and easily managed, allowing families to budget and plan for Christmas effectively, without incurring debt.

The Chrisco advantage

Over our lengthy history, the advantages of the Chrisco concept have been embraced by families both in Australia and internationally.

Benefits include:

  • A huge variety of products available at consistently competitive prices
  • A one-stop shop for all your Christmas needs including gifts, toys, household goods and food
  • Affordable up-front payment plans that allow you to pay in manageable instalments on a regular basis throughout the year. (No lay-by, no credit cards, and no debt after the festive season)
  • Your hamper is conveniently boxed, then delivered to your door or nearest depot prior to Christmas, allowing you to avoid the last-minute, often expensive rush of the festive season.

You can start the journey to a stress-free Christmas by viewing our catalogues here, or call us directly on 1800 830 830 to order your hamper.

Affordable payment plans

With small regular instalments, our no deposit and no interest lay-by plan makes shopping for Christmas easy and affordable.

Multiple payment options

Direct Debit,BPay or Credit Card; the choice is yours. Plus you choose the payment plan that best suits you. Instalment plans include weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We deliver all your Christmas goods between mid-November to mid-December giving you plenty of time for wrapping!


Please contact us on one of the methods below:

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